The mission of the Welte Institute for Oaxacan Studies and its counterpart, Instituto Welte para Estudios Oaxaqueños is to collect, preserve and give public access to materials about Oaxaca, Mexico, Latin America, as well as about anthropology, social sciences and other fields. The Welte provides services to students and scholars researching Oaxaca. The Welte, Inc. is a registered 501 3(c) non-profit and your contribution is tax-deductible. 


• Extend the operating days and hours of the library
• Upgrade the cataloging system and associated software and publish the catalogue
• Acquisition fund to fill gaps in the collection caused by our reliance on donations
• Acquire desks, tables, carrels and chairs appropriate for a library
• Acquire or upgrade our scanner and printer
• Upgrade the physical plant (originally designed as a residence) including: a) modify the interior of the main building and the back building to make them more suitable to the Institute’s functions; b) upgrade the bathrooms; c) upgrade the patio; d) comply with the demands of neighbors to remove the large, invasive tree on our side of the patio wall; and e) upgrade the wall and door facing the street to improve security

HOW to make your tax-deductible contribution
• Via PayPal []

  • Mail a check written to Welte Institute for Oaxacan Studies, Inc. to:

Dr. Ramona Perez, Director

Center for Latin American Studies

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive

San Diego, CA 92182-6038


• Deposit in our Wells Fargo Account: Welte Institute for Oaxacan Studies, Inc.
direct deposit routing #121042882
wire routing #121000248

• Deposit in our Banorte account: Instituto Welte para Estudios Oaxaqueños, AC
072 610 00191594652 4 clabe interbancaria
Cuenta 00191594652

WHAT—Membership categories (outside of Latin America, in US dollars)
• Basic: $75
• Supporting: $76-149
• Sustaining: $150-499
• Benefactor: $500 and over